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History and Reputation

Our Alma Mater —  Romance in the place of memories-made.

Hail Alma Mater, our hearts we always pledge thee.       

Forget-me-not in these years gone by…

High upon the hill, her majesty, will stand for our high ambitions.     

Through all the years, we have learned to love thy name.      

In honor praising; her fame acclaiming;  Reitz, we sing this hymn of love to thee.

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The first activities of the anniversary celebration were held in August and November 2017.

Groundbreaking re-enactment 8-2017. Alumni Beth Clark Carnahan, Reitz Principal and Alumni Rev. Terry Gamblin, EVSC Board of School Trustees, with “Grace Werner” the mother of Reitz as a new westside school (Susan Hansen)


Guests at the Groundbreaking event 8-2017









Guests commemorate 100th anniversary of Cornerstone Placement 11-2017.





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