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School History

FJ Reitz High School is 101 years old.  In 2021, the magnificent Reitz Bowl will be 100 years old.

The original school and grounds.

We R glad you R in the Panther Nation!


Groundbreaking re-enactment 8-2017. Alumni and former principal Beth Clark Carnahan, and Alumni Rev. Terry Gamblin, EVSC Board of School Trustees, with “Grace Werner” the mother of Reitz as a new westside school (Susan Hansen)

Guests commemorate 100th anniversary of Cornerstone Placement 11-2017.










100th anniversary of the first day FJ Reitz opened its doors (three below) September 2018

The Hahn Family gather at the September Celebration photo board.

350 cupcakes for birthday celebration! September 2018.

FJ Reitz himself joined the Toast to the Hill Pub Crawl. He was invited by the Evansville Otters. Here Mr. Reitz is with guide Kalah Georgette Vowels.


Panel discussion February 2019 on integration of FJ Reitz. Alumni and staff speakers. Incredible stories.

Full house in cafeteria for 100th anniversary Brunch March 2019

100th anniversary Brunch Sponsor: Heritage Petroleum and Gabe Family. It was a perfect day. THANK YOU committee for making this a reality.
























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