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History and Reputation

Wrapping up a multi-year celebration.

Groundbreaking re-enactment 8-2017. Alumni Beth Clark Carnahan, Reitz Principal and Alumni Rev. Terry Gamblin, EVSC Board of School Trustees, with “Grace Werner” the mother of Reitz as a new westside school (Susan Hansen)

100th anniversary ground breaking, July 2017 (right)

100th anniversary of placing the cornerstone, November 2017 (below)

Guests commemorate 100th anniversary of Cornerstone Placement 11-2017.










100th anniversary of the first day FJ Reitz opened its doors (three below) September 2018

The Hahn Family gather at the September Celebration photo board.

350 cupcakes for birthday celebration! September 2018.








Can you share your feelings about FJ Reitz High School in as few words a possible?

We asked in a 2017 mailing. Here is what they said….

“Reitz had great teachers and Coach Herman Byers in football.  Reuben and Mary (Mahrenhoz) Williams  1956

“Great school spirit,”  David Riddle  1954

“Good teachers.  Great athletic programs. Made friends while attending,”  Daniel Ditzer  1950

“Tradition, family, sports, academics, pride,”  Kelly Kissel  1982

“A shining example of a community school with tremendous pride,”   Dawn Horton-Krack and David Krack 1979

“Unique school on a hill challenging students and building character,”   Ann Schneider Craney 1979

“Greatest Evansville school.  My husband, two daughters and four grandsons were graduates,”  Verna Hudson  1950

“Best high school west of the Allegheny Mountains,”  Richard Georgette  1953

“All round great high school,”     Albert Nevill 1961

“A fun place to go to school,”   Phillip Hammond 1950

“Beautiful location and historic.  Reitz means success.  Outstanding academics and sports.  Reputation.  A caring and nurturing environment,”  Tom Trainer 1953

“The building was renovated while I was a student in 1963-1967.  We ate sack lunches at the top of the gym while the ‘old’ cafeteria was being built.  Boys and girls PE was on alternate days in the Big Gym and whoever was not having gym sat in the bleachers for a study hall, but not much ‘studying’ went on for sure.  I loved Reitz then and I love it even more now,”    Phyllis Niehaus Happe 1967

“It is the best!  Sports, Academics, Arts,”   Viola Strueh Lutz  1945

“Father, sister, brother all attended Reitz and then I followed,”  Steven Savage 1962

“Great school and source of much pride in the community,”   Larry and Carol Peckenpaugh  1960 and 1916

“Best High School,”   Don Counts  1960

“Football, enough said.”    Larry and Mary France  1962


Keepsakes and collections to hold onto the memories of FJ REITZ and its first 100 years!

Logo for anniversary above. Anniversary t-shirt on right. We sold out more than 550 limited edition heirloom ornaments below left. And the detailed, photo-filled history book is sold out of first run. Available on print on demand, though. Contact us.













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