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Sectionals 1934!!

Reitz’s First Basketball Sectional Crown The March 9, 1934 Reitz Mirror announced the first Sectional Championship for the Rietz Basketball team. Reitz High School won...
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Why are We Blue and Gray?

Many Reitz Fans know that the original school colors were Purple and Gold, but the reason for the change to Blue and Grey is less widely known.  …

The change in the school colors is more closely tied to the football team.  In the April 16, 1924 Reitz Mirror, the school newspaper, it was reported that a student forum held a discussion of changing the school colors from Purple and Gold to Blue and Grey.  At that time, no reason was stated for the possible change and no position was taken by the Mirror.

The following fall, the Mirror of September 19, 1924 stated that “Much talk has been circulated about the school colors being changed.”  It goes on to state that “The football sweater and jerseys (sic) are blue and gray so the colors don’t correspond”.  The Mirror went on to call for a change in the colors of the football uniforms or a change of the school colors.  Students were encouraged to make their appeal to the faculty and Mr. Bosse, the school principal.  …  In June of 1925, The Mirror announced that new football equipment had arrived.   “The sox are solid Blue this year instead of purple and gold,” the Mirror reported.  The article also described the jerseys as being blue with gray stripes and the sleeves with big grey numbers on the back.

The official change was finally made the following fall.  As recorded in the 1926 yearbook calendar, on October 19, 1925, the Hi-Y club held its first meeting.  Evidently a vote was held and the school colors, Blue and Grey, were finally decided upon.

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