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Landmark Gates Planned

Did you know that there is not even a sign at the visitor entrance to the Bowl to indicate this is FJ Reitz High School — with one of the nation’s most iconic football stadiums?  

Current Visitor Greeting to Bowl

DRAFT suggested new visitor entrance gate.










The Century Campaign seeks to raise $100,000 cash or in-kind to erected two sets of architecturally significant landmark entry gates for the FJ Reitz Campus.  We are currently half-way to goal.

Where do we stand with design and timetable?

A estimator-drawing of each gate has been prepared. Alumni contractor-volunteers and designers are working to gather estimates on cost, make practical and cost revisions to design.

Soon, a meeting of Big Blue Booster Directors, School Administrators, and major donors and construction professionals will be called to finalize design and cost.  We hope to break ground during 2019.

How can you help? 

Make a donation to the Century Campaign.  Every dollar moves us forward.  Challenge your classmates.  Spread the word.  We hope to have at least 1, 000 different donors.

Where will the gates be?

Front view DRAFT suggested Austin-Dreier gate.

Front gates will be curved (as shown from an elevated view).

One set will be at Austin and Dreier.

The gates will recall the original facade of Reitz, using stone and brick to make a statement of AWE (attitude, work, encouragement) to arrivals.

The other entry gate will be at the Visitor Entrance to Reitz Bowl.  (seen at top of article)

Currently, a volunteer alumni who is a licensed contractor is working with volunteer designer to create estimating drawings and is gathering prices.  We hope with more financial support and in-kind support that ground can be broken in 2019.  You can help via Century Campaign!