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Century Campaign

October 2018

September Anniversary events (5 events) slows down processing. 

Thank you notes are coming. 

Keep the Class challenges going and growing! 

We R a school that shows its pride. 

Recent donations from West Side Nut Club, a dozen other individuals and a memorial gift request for a deceased alumni are adding to the Century Celebration story.

We hope to have this all up-to-date by October 16.

Where will your CLASS stand in honoring Reitz’ 100th anniversary?

Honor Roll of Century Campaign Donors 

We need you to be on this list….  Patron? or Champ!  Please consider how you can join to honor your high school.

We have now reached the INCREDIBLE number of Patron Donors so they do not fit on one page for a graphic..  Thank you for stretching and donating and support your (R) school!  WOW!!!


Plus eight donors of less than $25 — but still appreciated!


Donate to the Century Campaign Today.

Let us know of any errors or omissions.

If you want your maiden name listed, let us know that, too.