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Century Celebration TV and photos

Here is the 2nd “Feel the History” documentary in this year’s series that is sharing the history of Reitz through the decades.

8-minute video you will LOVE.  Student produced.

FJ Reitz High School: 1920s

Photos, film and fun from Century Celebration!

Visit from Grace Werner, the Mother of FJ Reitz High School:  as portrayed by Susan Hansen

News Coverage of 9-1-2018 Century Celebration – WTVW

More News about 9-1-2018 Century Celebration – WEVV

Four generations at Reitz for Century Celebration Weekend:  WEVV

More photos at FJREITZHIGHSCHOOL FaceBook.

The crowd came early and got cupcakes as they left…

Reitz’s Olympian and all round smart, classy young woman… Lilly King.

Sarah and David Smith , alumni and Reitz educators.

Linda Kitchens Class of 1958 (Do we have name correct?)

The Hahn Family Legacy.