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If you missed out on the book (which can still be ordered via MT Publishing with print-on-demand) live the memories or your parents’ and grandparents’ memories with these “Feel the History” digital shorts. .

The 1910s -A Tradition is Born 

The 1920s – Reitz Becomes a High School

The 1930s – Tradition Grows

The 1940s – Pre-War, War, Post-War 

The 1950s – Thriving, Sprawling…

The 1960s – In Transition

The 1970s – Turbulent Times

The 1980s – Inflation and Economic Turmoil

The 1990s  — still to come  WATCH THIS SPACE

The 2000s   — still to come WATCH THIS SPACE

Salute to the remarkable work of Mr. Jon Carl’s History Students!  Award winning journalists, historians and media producers.