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Revised Century Campaign Gate Design, Feb. 2020

Visitor Entrance now

Because the Century Campaign has not (yet) raised the full amount needed for both gates and because the lower Bowl visitors’ entrance is the most needed — Big Blue and our contractors are starting with the lower Bowl Entrance.  During the last several years, construction and field house improvements eliminated the ticket sales space at this gate. Sellers have been working from behind a small table that often wobbles and stands a bit uneven.  The approach is gravel for all persons entering at this gate and is also uneven in areas. The chain link barbed wire topped gate swings out when opening for wheelchairs and vehicles.  It is hard to hold back.
The lower entrance is used by all visiting teams, by the Mighty Panther Marching Band and by guest marching bands during Drill on the Hill Competition each Fall.  It is also used by participants in the annual famous Drums on the Ohio for band entry to the field.  One last note, there has never been signage at this visitor entrance welcoming people to Reitz Bowl or FJ Reitz High School.  

New Visitor Entrance – will make a beautiful welcome

This design takes care of ticket booth, proper gates, classic entrance, paved approaches and signage.  And it can be done with the funds we have, due to generous in-kind support coming in.  (It will say FJ Reitz, not Francis J. Reitz, btw)

Aerial View – Ticket Booth is inside at left (south)

Big Blue Boosters is still accepting donations for the Century Campaign via this website, or checks mailed to the School “Big Blue Boosters Century Campaign.”  The intent is to finish this lower entry gate and signage, with ticket booth, and then install the significant but less complex gate at Dreier and Austin later this year.

September 2019: Century Campaign. See this page!

Feb. 28, 2020 — Class Challenge Results are changing, again!  Money is coming in from several supporters and alumni.  LOOK at Century Campaign page early in March for your class rank. 

Just over 300 generous persons with donations a small as $25 pushed the Century Campaign to $62,000.

What is Century Campaign Supporting?  Big Blue Boosters has professionally designed plans for two magnificent entry gates  — landmark entry gates for FJ Reitz. Draft plans can be seen on request. We are well short of goal.  Initial goal was $100,000 for 100 years.  But to complete the gates — due to generous in-kind donations from Alumni Business Owners/contractors we only need $13,000 more to build both sets of gates.  Contact us with questions.



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