Collage of old photos
Collage of old photos

One thing Panthers love is a photo tour of history. 

To see more than 100 photos about FJ Reitz High School’s — and your — story — click here.

More recently, the Century Celebrations were completed in 2021.  THANK YOU!

In the beginning footings — spring 2020.

Site prep is everything. To hold the ground — an embankment around the ticket booth site. Summer 2020.

Aforementioned ticket booth. Fall 2020.

Summer 2021 the actual gates’ material with limestone caps.

Gates awating granite signage. Fall 2021












Total donated — from cash and in-kind labor and materials; through ornaments, t-shirts and History books sales; and other events: $269,406.10!


  • Special thanks to extreme volunteers Jon Carl, author of history book; and Roger Lehman, volunteer construction contractor.
  • Thank Big Blue Boosters for envisioning and leading the 100th anniversary celebration and promoting, tallying and guiding Century Campaign project from 2013-2021!
  • And in addition, during the last decade, Big Blue continued its ongoing generous support of FJ Reitz student extracurriculars — arts, athleitcs and academics — by raising standard funds and donating more than $240,000 since 2011!

Done and well done!

This project, originally envisioned by FJ Reitz administration and Big Blue Board of Directors, grew substantially over the years.  We have money left but are not sure when Big Blue Boosters and friends will start on the front gate ornamental feature (Dreier and Forest). We must make sure we have the funds to complete any task started! We will start looking at it in summer 2022. Rest assured: Big Blue will steward Century Campaign donations to their promised use.

If you would like to make a donation to Big Blue for use in its ongoing mission to support student extracurricular activities, use the donation button below.


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